Media shaping content:

Following media sciences central idea that it is media technology that is shaping the content, todays over frequent cultural practices of repeating, remixing and remediating seem to derive from digitality …

A very crucial factor for the change of content depending on what kind of media technology is used, are possibilities and limitations that lie in this technology itself.

Some of these factors might be: availability (e.g. cost of material), accessability, transportability, bandwidth…..there may be more factors….

Here I try to bring up some examples where this connection between media and content can be seen or heard.

In this example I chose the once famous technology of Super 8 film. A revolution in amateur film shooting from the mid-sixties to the early-eighties.

When looking at Super 8 footage today, you have to bear in mind, that the films were quite expensive, they were only about three minutes long and so there had to be a special kind of event that was worth filming. So many of Super 8 movies taken in the past were about birthdays or christmas parties and you mainly see happy people celebrating. Sound had to be recorded separately or to be added afterwards when watching the material in a darkened room with the aid of a Super 8 film projector…

So, Super 8 is a medium of the past and it seems so outdated when seeing todays availability of cameras inside of everyones phone – but still: How did Super 8 influence us? – I think, some older folks still hesitate to use their phone-cameras, because they are afraid of wasting material…but thats an assumption… But surveillance cameras wouldnt have made much sense back then.

But for sure, Super 8 left us a special feeling of nostalgia, that is mainly connected to its “aesthetic” look and feel and those happy events kept on film… Even in other contexts, Super 8 blurry pictures and typical color-palette automatically evoke a feeling of nostalgia… But be realistic about the past: It was not always a merry christmas…

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